Temperature Sender for Volvo Penta Ro 872066 841890 18-7647

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Sensor for Volvo Penta
High-quality marine engine spare parts.

Temperature sensor

Reference to Volvo Penta: 872066


3.0GLP-A 3.0GLP-B 3.0GLM-A 3.0GLM-B 3.0GSP-A 3.0GSP-B 3.0GSP-C 3.0GSM-A 3.0GSM-B 3.0GSM-C 3.0GLM-C 3.0GLP-C 3.0GLP-D

4.3GL-A 4.3GL-B 4.3GL-C 4.3GL-D 4.3GL-E 4.3GL-EF

5.0GL-F 5.0GLFF 4.3GL-G 4.3GL-GF 4.3GL-J 4.3GL-JF 5.0GL-H 5.0GL-HF 5.0GL-A 5.0GL-B 5.0GL-C 5.0GL-D 5.0GL-E 5.0GL-J 5.0GL-JF (1998-2007)

5.7GL-A 5.7GL-B 5.7GL-C 5.7GL-D 5.7GL-E

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