Trim Cylinder Ram Rebuild kit for Volvo Penta trim cylinder 3860881 metric

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High-quality marine engine spare parts.

Trim ram repair kit with dust seal, pressure seal bidirectional ring, o-rings and new cap. The cylinder assembly is used only for guidance and is not included.

Will only repair cylinder 3860881Please observe the second picture. Your cylinder may use a different cap.

There are similar repair kits on the market that are faulty in design. The thread was not correct and as a result, the cap could be screwed by 3/4 of the thread. We used to sell these faulty kits, but thanks to your comments, we designed the cap from scratch as per the OEM and we guarantee 100% perfect fitment. Additionally, we improved the material of the bidirectional seal so that installation is easier and durability is highly increased. 


Application List: 


  • DP-E SP-E DP-G
  • DPX-R DPX-R 1.47 DPX-R 1.51 DPX-R 1.59 DPX-R 1.68 DPX-R 1.78
  • DPX-S 1.59 DPX-S 1.68 DPX-S 1.78 DPX-S1 1.59 DPX-S1 1.68 DPX-S1 1.78 DPX-C
  • DP-C1 DP-D1 DP-S DP-C1 1.95 DP-C1 2.30 DP-D1 1.68 DP-D1 1.78 DP-D1 1.95
  • DP-D1 2.30
  • DP-A DP-A1 DP-A2 DP-C DP-C1 DP-C1 1.95 DP-C1 2.30 DP-D DP-D1 DP-D1 1.68
  • DP-D1 1.78 DP-D1 1.95 DP-D1 2.30 SP-A SP-A1 SP-A2 SP-C SP-C1

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