Water pump cross piece for Volvo Penta D31 D32 D41 D42 D43 D44 D300 RO : 858467

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High-quality marine engine spare parts. Water pump coupler for the following Volvo Penta engines AD31A AD31B AD31D AD31L-A AD31P-A AD31XD, AQAD31A MD31A TAMD31A TAMD31B TAMD31D TAMD31L-A, TAMD31M-A TAMD31P-A TMD31A TMD31B TMD31D TMDL-A KAD32P-A AD41A AD41B AD41D AD41L-A AD41P-A AQAD41A D41A D41B D41D D41L-A TAMD41A TAMD41B TAMD41D TAMD41H-A TAMD41L-A TAMD41M-A TAMD41P-A TMD41A TMD41B TMD41D TMD41L-A KAD42A KAD42B KAD42P-A KAMD42A KAMD42B KAMD42P-A TAMD42B TAMD42WJ-A KAD43P-A KAMD43P-A KAD44P-A KAD44P-B KAD44P-C KAMD44P-A KAMD44P-B KAMD44P-C KAD300A KAMD300A Reference to Volvo Penta : 858467