Trim Cylinder Ram Rebuild kit for Volvo Penta SX-C,S,R OMC trim cylinder 3885196 3850683 3852414 3854247

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High-quality marine engine spare parts. 

Poseidon Marine trim ram repair kit with all sealing materials and new cap. 

Kit includes:   

Seal kit 3854247 

Trim ram end nut 

One kit repairs one cylinder.

This kit will fit the following cylinders:

  • 3852414
  • 3850683 
  • 3885196 
  • 3857470
  • 3857471

Suitable only for single propeller SX drives.

  • SX-C
  • SX-R
  • SX-S
  • SX-MLT
  • DP-SM

Please observe the pictures. The last picture shows the only cylinder of the SX series (SX-A) that this kit will not fit. 

Seal kit content:

1- Trim cylinder dust/scrapper seal.

2- Hydraulic seal. You can use the "original" o-ring style if you are unable to place the seal.

3- Cap back-up o-ring.

4- PU integrated piston seal, replaces the split rings.

5- Trim line o-rings. The early series need 4 while the later two.

6- Between the bolt and the piston.



  • The obsolete split rings and o-ring application have been replaced by a redesigned integrated composite ring.
  • The sealing o-ring inside the channel has been replaced by a proper hydraulic seal.
  • The seals are not placed on the cap.

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