Thermostat kit for Volvo Penta V6 V8 160F 71C RO: 18-3677 3856961

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High-quality marine engine spare parts.

Thermostat kit for Volvo Penta.

Rated Temperature: 160°F 71°C

Suitable for the following Volvo Penta engines (Sea/Raw water cooled):

4.3-BY, 4.3-EF, 4.3-LK, 4.3-WT 4.3Gi-BY, 4.3Gi-EF, 4.3Gi-HU, 4.3Gi-LK, 4.3Gi-NC, 4.3Gi-WT 4.3GiJBYA, 4.3GiJWTR 4.3GiPBYCCE, 4.3GiPEFS, 4.3GiPHUSCE, 4.3GiPLKDCE, 4.3GiPLKECE, 4.3GiPNCACE, 4.3GiPNCBCE, 4.3GiPNCMCE, 4.3GiPNCSCE, 4.3GiPWTC, 4.3GiPWTR 4.3GL, 4.3GL-A, 4.3GL-BY, 4.3GL-HU, 4.3GL-LK, 4.3GL-MD, 4.3GL-NC, 4.3GL-WT 4.3GLMMDA, 4.3GLPBYC, 4.3GLPEFS, 4.3GLPHUB, 4.3GLPLKD, 4.3GLPLKE, 4.3GLPMDA, 4.3GLPNCA, 4.3GLPNCB, 4.3GLPNCS, 4.3GLPWTC, 4.3GLPWTR 4.3GS-BY, 4.3GS-HU, 4.3GS-LK, 4.3GS-MD, 4.3GS-NC, 4.3GS-WT 4.3GSJBYA, 4.3GSJLKD, 4.3GSJNCC, 4.3GSJNCS, 4.3GSJWTR 4.3GSPBYC, 4.3GSPHUB, 4.3GSPHUS, 4.3GSPLKD, 4.3GSPLKE, 4.3GSPMDA, 4.3GSPNCA, 4.3GSPNCB, 4.3GSPNCM, 4.3GSPWTC, 4.3GSPWTR 4.3GXi, 4.3GXi-A, 4.3GXi-B, 4.3GXi-M 4.3OSi-B

5.0Fi, 5.0Fi-HU, 5.0Fi-MD, 5.0Fi-NC 5.0FL, 5.0FL-HU, 5.0FL-MD, 5.0FL-NC 5.0-BY, 5.0-EF, 5.0-WT 5.0Gi-BY, 5.0Gi-EF, 5.0Gi-WT 5.0GiPEFS, 5.0GiPWTR 5.0GL-A, 5.0GL-B, 5.0GL-BY, 5.0GL-EF, 5.0GL-WT 5.0GLPEFS, 5.0GLPWTR 5.0GS-BY, 5.0GS-EF, 5.0GS-WT 5.0GSi-BY, 5.0GSi-EF, 5.0GSi-WT 5.0GXi-A, 5.0GXi-B 5.0OSi-B

5.7-BY, 5.7-EF, 5.7-LK, 5.7-WT 5.7Gi, 5.7Gi-A, 5.7Gi-B, 5.7Gi-BY, 5.7Gi-HU, 5.7Gi-LK, 5.7Gi-MD, 5.7Gi-NC, 5.7Gi-WT 5.7Gii-A, 5.7Gii-B 5.7GL, 5.7GL-A, 5.7GL-B, 5.7GL-BY, 5.7GL-EF, 5.7GL-LK, 5.7GL-MD, 5.7GL-NC, 5.7GL-WT 5.7GLi-LK 5.7GS-BY, 5.7GS-EF, 5.7GS-LK, 5.7GS-WT, 5.7GSPEFS 5.7GSi-BY, 5.7GSi-EF, 5.7GSi-LK, 5.7GSi-WT, 5.7GSiPEFS 5.7GSii-A 5.7GXi-A, 5.7GXi-B, 5.7GXi-C 5.7GXii-A, 5.7GXii-B, 5.7GXii-C 5.7OSi-A 5.7OSXi-A

5.8Fi-HU, 5.8Fi-MD, 5.8Fi-NC 5.8FL-HU, 5.8FL-MD, 5.8FL-NC 5.8FLPNCM 5.8FSi-HU, 5.8FSi-NC

8.1GSi-A, 8.1GSii-A 8.1GXi-A, 8.1GXi-B, 8.1GXi-C, 8.1GXi-D, 8.1GXi-E, 8.1GXi-F, 8.1GXi-G, 8.1GXi-J 8.1GXiE-J, 8.1GXiE-K, 8.1GXiE-M, 8.1GXiE-P 8.1GXii-A, 8.1GXii-B, 8.1GXii-C, 8.1GXii-D, 8.1GXii-F, 8.1GXii-G 8.1OSi-A, 8.1OSi-B, 8.1OSi-C, 8.1OSi-D, 8.1OSi-J 8.1OSiE-J

This product replaces following manufacturer's part nr

  • Volvo Penta: 3856961
  • Sierra: 18-3677

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