Thermostat kit 82° for Volvo Penta MD31 AD41 KAD42 KAD43 KAD300 RO: 3831424

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Poseidon Marine thermostat kit. Reference to OEM part number: RO: 3831424 Rated Temperature: 82°C Suitable for the following Volvo Penta diesel engines TMD31L TAMD31P/L/M/S AD31P/L TMD41L TAMD41P/L/M/H MD31A TMD31B TAMD31B AD31B AD31D AD31XD TAMD31D TMD31D TMD41 D41A TAMD41 AQAD41A AD41A AD41B TMD41B D41B TAMD41B AD41B AD41D D41D TAMD41D TMD41D KAD32P TAMD42WJ-A KAD42A KAMD42A KAD42P-A KAD42 KAMD42 KAMD42P-AKAD42B KAMD42B TAMD42B KAD43P KAMD43P KAD44P KAMD44P KAD300 KAMD300 TD100CHC TD100CRC TMD102A TAMD102A TAMD102D TAMD103A-A TAMD103A-A AUX TD121CHC TD121CRC TAD121CHC TMD100C TMD121C TAMD121C TAMD121D TAMD122C TAMD122D TMD122A TAMD122A TAMD122P The role of the thermostat is extremely important, as it is the part that regulates the temperature of the engine, by allowing cooling fluid/raw water to cool down the engine. Therefore it is suggested to be checked regularly and replaced as per the manufacturer maintenance schedule.