Service kit for Volvo Penta D6 3582732 21632901 3583443 21702999 3584145 3593573

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High-quality marine engine spare parts.

Maintenance kit for Volvo Penta D6


  • Oil filter RO: 3582732 (superseeded by 22030848)
  • Oil filter RO: 21632901 (superseeded by 22030852)
  • Fuel filter RO: 3583443 (superseeded by 21718912)
  • Air filter which RO: 21702999
  • Crankcase filter RO: 3584145
  • Aluminium anodes (4 units) RO: 838929
  • Impeller kit RO: 3593573

ID: 14.29 For pumps : 3589907 => 21380890 

All the filters are brand Recmar® 

Detailed application list

D6-280A-A, D6-280A-B, D6-280A-C, D6-280A-D
D6-280i-A, D6-280i-B, D6-280i-C, D6-280i-D
D6-310A-A, D6-310A-B, D6-310A-C, D6-310A-D
D6-310D-B, D6-310D-C, D6-310D-D
D6-310i-A, D6-310i-B, D6-310i-C, D6-310i-D
D6-330A-B, D6-330A-C, D6-330A-D
D6-330D-B, D6-330D-C, D6-330D-D
D6-330i-B, D6-330i-C, D6-330i-D
D6-370A-B, D6-370A-C, D6-370A-D
D6-370D-B, D6-370D-C, D6-370D-D
D6-370i-A, D6-370i-B, D6-370i-C, D6-370i-D
D6-435D-A, D6-435D-B, D6-435D-C, D6-435D-D
D6-435i-A, D6-435i-C, D6-435i-D


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