Service kit for Yanmar 2YM15 3YM20 3YM30 119305-35151 104500-55710 128990-42200

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Poseidon Marine engine service kit.
Poseidon Marine presents one convenient and efficient way to complete your basic engine maintenance. Replace all the neccessary filters and impeller.
This kit will fit only :
2GM20-YEU* 2GM20F-YEU*
3GM30-YEU* 3GM30F-YEU*
2YM15 3YM20 3YM30
Reference to OEM part number : Oil filter RO: 119305-35151
Fuel filter RO: 104500-55710
Impeller RO: 128990-42200 (653-0001 Jabsco)
Impeller lubricant
*Please ensure this the correct kit for your particular engine model. This kit is for the European built (YEU -Yanmar European Union) 2/3GM series engines built from 1996-2004. These engines have the letter "E" prefixing the engine serial number (example serial no. E00123, the letters YEU are not shown on the data plate). The water pump impeller has a drive screw through the boss and the pump cover plate is sealed with an o-ring.