Raw Water Pump Repair kit for Volvo Penta V6 V8 Pumps 856952 857451 with Impeller 21213660

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Repair kit consists of: Bearing RO: 183861 Seal RO: 827247 Gasket RO: 841610 (it is white actually, only for the photo gray) Bolt kit RO: 21951334 Impeller kit RO: 877400 3862281 21213660 21951346 Impeller lubricant Inox snapring RO: 809444 (some pumps use it others not) This kit will fit all Volvo Penta equipped with sea water pumps: 857451 841640 856952. Not for pump with mechanical seal. Very common on those engines 430A 430B 431A 431B 432A 434A 500A 500B 500A 501A 501B 570A 571A 572A 740A 740B AQ200C AQ200D AQ225C AQ225D AQ255A AQ255B AQ205A AQ175A AQ200D AQ200F AQ225D AQ225E AQ225F BB225A BB225AV BB225B BB225C AQ231A AQ231B BB231A AQ260A AQ260B BB260A BB260AV BB260B BB260C BB261A AQ271A AQ271B AQ271C AQ271D AQ311A AQ311B