Fuel pump for Volvo Penta 831092 AQ115 AQ130 AQ165 AQ170

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Poseidon Marine mechanical fuel pump assembly.
The lift pump draws fuel from the fuel tank, through various filters, then delivers the fuel to the injection pump. These pumps are either mechanically driven off an eccentric on the camshaft, or driven electrically. The diaphragm is pulled down by the action of the lever arm and then moves upwards by the action of the return spring.
When the diaphragm moves down, it sucks the outlet valve closed, and the inlet valve open. Because the surface of the fuel in the tank is open to atmospheric pressure, fuel is induced into the body of the pump. As the diaphragm returns upwards, it pushes the inlet valve closed, and opens the outlet valve, thus delivering fuel under pressure. Inspect your fuel pump regularly for leaking and replace according to manufacturer's maintenance schedule.
This fuel pump will fit only :
AQ115A AQ115B BB115A BB115B BB115C
AQ130A AQ130B AQ130C AQ130D
AQ165A AQ170A AQ170B AQ170C
BB165A BB170A BB170B
Inlet 8mm Outlet 6mm
Reference to OEM part number : 831092 NLA, 1336184 23436184 806364 . Mounting gasket included.
1 Year or 100hours warranty, whichever is met first.
Use of contaminated fuel or old / wrong filter voids warranty.