Yamaha FT8/FT9.9/FT9.9 Maintenance Kit (RECKITFT8D)

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Yamaha FT8/FT9.9/FT9.9 Maintenance Kit (RECKITFT8D)

FT8 D/G (2001-14)
FT9.9G (2008-12)
FT9.9J (2013+)

Order number: RECKITFT8D

2x Spark Plug: NGKBR6HS-10
Anode: PAF4-04070003
Fuel Filter: 68T-24251-00
2x Drain Gasket: 90430-08020
Anode: CM61N-45251-01A
Cotter Pin: 91490-30025
Water pump repair kit: 68T-W0078-00
Anode: CM68T-45251-00A
2x Spring: PAF4-04000030
O-Ring: PAJASOF40431-025
O-Ring: PAGB/T3452.1-13X2
Washer: 09168-12017
Anode: CM6E0-45251-11A

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