Thermostat housingkit BigBlock

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Thermostat Housing Assembly Kit for Mercruiser GM/Chevy Big Block V8 454/502 CID Mark IV & Gen V engines


Mercruiser 340 / 7.4L M IE 1981-1992
Mercruiser 7.4L GM 1988-1991
Mercruiser 7.4L GM 1992-1996
Mercruiser 7.4L M IE 1989-1994
Mercruiser 7.4 L M IE 1989-1994
Mercruiser 454 MAG GM 1992-1994
Mercruiser 502 MAG GM 1990-1993
Mercruiser 8.2L M IE 1990-1992
Mercruiser 8.2L M IE 1993-1996


• GLM13236
• GLM13237
• GLM13250
• GLM13520
• GLM13710
• GLM21675
• GLM22376
• GLM31460
• GLM31560
• GLM31631

This product replaces following manufacturer's part nr

  • Mercury: 90736A24 16413A3 16413A9
  • GLM: GLM13221
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