Starter/Trim Relay For Mercury/Yamaha/Suzuki/Tohatsu/Johnson (89-825096T, 89-825096T01)

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Mercury / Yamaha Start Relay


9.9 - 90 HP (1998+) 12V


  • Yamaha OEM: 61A-81941-00-00, 61A819410000, 66G1-81941-10, 66G18194110, 6E5-81950-01, 6E5-81950-01-00, 6E5-8195A-01-00, 6E58195001, 6E5819500100, 6E58195A0100, 6G1-81940-00, 6G1-81940-00-00, 6G1-81941-10, 6G1-8194A-10-00, 6G18194000, 6G1819400000, 6G18194110, 6G18194A1000
  • Mercury OEM: 89-825096T, 89-825096T01
  • Suzuki OEM: 31800-94400, 31800-94401, 38410-89J00, 38410-94550, 38410-94551, 38410-94552, 38420-89J00, 38420-94550
  • Tohatsu OEM: 3C8725800, 3C8725800M, 3C8725810, 3C8725810M
  • Johnson Evinrude OEM: 5030783, 5031483
  • Aftermarket: PH375-0041, RICK414, REC6G1-81941-00, PAF15-07150300W
  • Sierra OEM: 18-5821


The references that are listed here are trademarks that apply to the respective trademark owners. The references are used only for a reference purpose. Our product is compatible with these reference numbers. Please note that our product is an aftermarket product (non-OEM), unless otherwise stated.