Fuel pump assy for Yamaha RO: 67D-24410-00 15100-91J00 5033371

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High quality marine engine spare parts.
Fuel pump kit

Reference to

  • J/E: 5033371, 5037518
  • Suzuki: 15100-91J00, 15100-91J01, 15100-91J02;
  • Parsun: F4-04090000
  • Yamaha: 67D-24410-00, 67D-24410-01, 67D-24410-01-00, 67D-24410-02, 67D-24410-02-00, 67D-24410-03 67D-24410-03-00, 67D2441000, 67D2441001 67D244100100, 67D2441002, 67D244100200, 67D2441003, 67D244100300

If you are uncertain of the part number, you are welcome to provide us your engine serial number .

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