Fuel Filter for Volvo Penta, OMC, Johnson/Evinrude

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Fuel Filter for Evinrude/Johnson, Volvo Penta & OMC 10 micron

For Volvo Penta with fuel injection:

3.0GL, 3.0GS
4.3-BY, 4.3-WT
4.3Gi, 4.3GL, 4.3GS, 4.3GXi, 4.3OSi
5.0Fi, 5.0FL
5.0-BY, 5.0-EF, 5.0-WT
5.0Gi, 5.0GL, 5.0GS, 5.0GXi, 5.0OSi
5.7-BY, 5.7-EF, 5.7-LK, 5.7-WT
5.7Gi, 5.7GL, 5.7GS, 5.7GXi, 5.7OSi, 5.7OSXi
5.8Fi, 5.8FL, 5.8FS
7.4-BY, 7.4-EF, 7.4-LK, 7.4-WT
7.4Gi, 7.4GL, 7.4GS
8.1Gi, 8.1GS, 8.1GXi, 8.1OSi
8.2-BY, 8.2-EF, 8.2-LK, 8.2-WT
8.2Gi, 8.2GL, 8.2GS
DPX375, DPX385, DPX415, DPX420

For Johnson/Evinrude:

90-115 DFI E-tec (1998+)
150-300 DFI E-tec (1999+)

This product replaces following manufacturer's part nr

  • Volvo: 3862228 502906 5009676 3852413 3851218
  • RecMar: REC35-06051 REC3862228
  • OMC/Johnson/Evinrude: 0502906, 0777713, 0987754, 3852413, 5009676, 5011090, 502906
  • Sierra: 18-7789, 18-7989
The references that are listed here are trademarks that apply to the respective trademark owners. The references are used only for a reference purpose. Our product is compatible with these reference numbers. Please note that our product is an aftermarket product (non-OEM), unless otherwise stated.