Zinc Anode Yamaha

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Internal Engine Anode for Yamaha

For Yamaha models:

F200, 60L, 2002-2003
FL200/LF200, 60M, 2002-2003
Z250, 60V, 2003-2005
LZ250, 60W, 2003-2005
Z250/VZ250, 60X, 2003-2005
F100, 67F, 1999-2002
F80, 67G, 1999-2002
F115/, 68V, 2000-2002
FL115/LF115, 68W, 2000-2002
F225, 69J, 2002-2003
FL225/LF225, 69K, 2002-2003
Z300, 6C9, 2004
Z300, 6D0, 2005
LZ300, 6D1, 2004-2005

Reference to:

Yamaha: 67F-11325-01 67F-11325-00

The references that are listed here are trademarks that apply to the respective trademark owners. The references are used only for a reference purpose. Our product is compatible with these reference numbers. Please note that our product is an aftermarket product (non-OEM), unless otherwise stated.