Water pump repair parts for Mercruiser 80715A12 807151A 9 47-59362Q01

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Selection of water pump parts for the following pumps:

  • 46-80715A12
  • 46-807151A 9
  • 46-72774A32
  • 46-807151A 8
  • 46-94913A 1


These pumps have an aluminum body and plastic housing. This kit will not fit the bronze pumps or any other pump unless mentioned above.

Parts included:

(Parts with "MAJOR" remark are included only in the major kit, parts without remark are included both in minor and major).

  • Bolts 10-807356 (MAJOR)
  • Bolts 10-74191 (MAJOR)
  • Washer 12-814806 (MAJOR)
  • Housing 46-807151A14 (MAJOR)
  • O-ring 25-33465 
  • Impeller 47-59362T1 
  • Plate 94576 (MAJOR)
  • Quad ring 25-94288
  • Seals 26-90562
  • Bearings 30-72961
  • Circlip 53-23720
  • Seal 26-72785


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