Bearing, lower unit for Yamaha

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Lower Unit Bearing for Yamaha

For Yamaha models:

F100CETL, 60D3, 2003
FT50, 61S, 2003-2007
50G, 62F, 1993-1998
25B, 62U, 1994-1995
F50/F45, 62Y, 1996-1998
FT50/T50, 64J,1996-2002
F100, 67F, 1999-2006
F80, 67G, 1999-2006
75CE/75TL, 67P, 2003-2016
85A, 688, 1990-2005
FT60/T60, 68S, 2003-2006
75A, 692, 1990-2007
E60, 69D, 2001-2019
FT50/T50, 6C2, 2005-2019
FT60/T60, 6C6, 2005-2019
F70, 6CJ, 2011-2019
F40, 6CY, 2011-2019
F75,6D6, 2005
F80, 6D7, 2005-2018
F100, 6D9, 2005-2018
80A, 6H0, 1984-2002
90A, 6H1, 1984-2018
60F, 6H2, 1984-2007
70E/70B/70T, 6H3, 1984-2017
E60, 6K5, 1996-1997

This product replaces following manufacturer's part nr

  • Yamaha: 93317-325U0-00
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