Water pump repair kit for Yanmar 1GM 1GM10 inc: 128170-42070 for pump 128170-42200

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Repair kit consists of: Impeller kit RO: 128170-42070 Gasket RO: 128170-42090 Bearings RO: 24101-060004 Seal S.S. spring RO: 128170-42110 Seal S.S. spring RO: 124240-91450 => 128170-42120 The first part number is a single lip seal, the latter double lip. Functionally the same. Bolts S.S. RO: 26554-040082 Snapring, shaft RO: 22242-000100 Snapring, bearing retainer RO: 22252-000260 Oring, pump to engine RO: 24321-000350 Portion of lubricant. It will fit the following engines 1GM10 1GM10VE 1GM10-B 1GM10C 1GM10L Known pumps: 128170-42200 Please consult the scheme provided and impeller size. If in doubt, please contact.