Water pump Impeller service kit for Honda outboard BF175 BF200 BF225 Replaces: 06192-ZY3-000

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High quality marine engine spare parts.

Water pump service kit for Honda:

BF175A3 / A6 / AK1 / AK2 / AK3
BF200A2 / A3 / A6 / AK1 / AK2 / AK3
BF225A2 / A3 / A6 / AK1 / AK2 / AK3

Reference to Honda 06192-ZY3-000

Reference to Sierra: 18-3285

Service kit includes the following parts, circled red in scheme:

1 - Impeller 19210-ZY3-003

5 - Water pump gasket 19234-ZY3-000

27 - Impeller key 90752-ZY3-003

34 - Water pump cover seal 91356-ZY3-003

Kindly provide your complete engine details if you wish to verify compatibility.

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Model Prefix (eg BADS) Serial Number (7 digits) Model Code (eg BF100A) Horsepower (eg 10HP) Year