Trim Cylinder Ram Rebuild kit for Showa system RO: 64E-43821-05

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High quality marine engine spare parts.

Trim ram repair kit with dust seal, pressure seal and mounting o-ring.

Will only repair Showa trim systems.

 These are placed in various outboards 115-250HP two and four stroke.

Reference to:

  • Suzuki:

48630-96J01, 48630-96J02, 48630-96J03

  • Yamaha:

64E-43821-01-00, 64E-43821-02-00, 64E-43821-03-00, 64E-43821-04-00, 64E-43821-05-00

  • Honda





F150 F165 FL150 F175 FL175 F185 F200 FL200 F225 F250 F275


  • DF100A, DF115A  DF140A (2013-16)
  • DF140 (2000-12) (14002F/14002Z)
  • DF150T/Z, DF175T/Z (G) (2006-16)
  • DF150T (881864+)
  • DF150AP, DF175AP, DF200AP (2017+)
  • DF200, DF225, DF250 (2004-16) DF200A/AP (2015-16)