Thermostat kit 160F for Volvo Penta 3.0GS GSM-A GLM-A GLP-A GSM-B RO: 3853799 18-3558

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Poseidon Marine thermostat kit. Reference to OEM part number: RO: 3853799 18-3558 Rated Temperature: 71°C 160°F Suitable for the following Volvo Penta engines 3.0GS GSM-A, GLM-A, GLP-A,GSM-B, GSM-C, GSP-A, GSP-B, GSP-C The role of the thermostat is extremely important, as it is the part that regulates the temperature of the engine, by allowing cooling fluid/raw water to cool down the engine. Therefore it is suggested to be checked regularly and replaced as per the manufacturer maintenance schedule.