Outboard Cylinder Block Aluminium Anode for Yamaha 9.9-350HP (6E5-11325-00)

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Outboard Cylinder Block Aluminium Anode
Cylinder anode to fit the following Yamaha outboard models -

Two-Stroke: 100A, 115A, 115B, 115C, 130B, 140A, 150A, 150C, 150F, 175A, 175B, 175D, 200A, 200C, 200F, 200G, 225B, 225D

Four-Stroke: F9.9C, F9.9H, FT9.9D, F13.5A, F15A, F15C, F20B, F80A, F80B, F100A, F100B, F100D, F115A, F200A, F200C, F225A, F225B, F225C, F250A, F250B, F300A, F350A

The anode is made from a metal alloy with a more ""active"" voltage (more negative electrochemical potential) than the metal of the structure it is protecting (the cathode). The difference in potential between the two metals means the sacrificial anode material corrodes in preference to the structure.