Impeller kit with seals for Volvo Penta 833996 22222936 3593659 875808 3580066

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Impeller kit & seals for Volvo Penta

Replacement seals and impeller kit complete with gaskets pin, lubricant, and o-ring as shown. Replaces the active and superseded Volvo Penta part numbers listed below


876690 804696 897055 875808 3580066 3593659 21951344 22222936 (latest active)

Seals RO: 833996


Compatible with the following Volvo Penta engines

*Some of the mentioned models use more than one type, so please advise the schematics in pictures and the dimensions provided here*


*Not all engines below use this impeller/seal combo, ask if unsure*

  • AQ115A, AQ115B, AQ130, AQ130A, AQ130B, AQ130C, AQ130D, AQ165A, AQ170A, AQ170B, AQ170C, AQD21A, BB115A, BB115B, BB115C, BB165A, BB170A, BB170B, BB170C, MB20A, MB20B, MB20C, MD21A


  • D1-13A, D1-13B, D1-13F,
  • D1-20A, D1-20B, D1-20F
  • D1-30A, D1-30B, D1-30F
  • D2-40A, D2-40B, D2-40F
  • MD3B MD17C, MD17D
  • MD2010B MD2020B* From Mo. 5101203008 -
  • MD2030A, MD2030B, MD2030C
  • MD2040A, MD2040B, MD2040C

DI:12.66 mm
DE:50.80 mm
H:22.10 mm
6 blades, bronze hub