Impeller for Yanmar YEU 2YM15 RO: 18653-0001 653-0001 128990-42200

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High-quality marine engine spare parts. 

Water pump impeller kit for Yanmar:

  • 2GM20-YEU 2GM20C-YEU 2GM20F-YEU 2GM20FC-YEU*
  • 3GM30-YEU 30GM30C-YEU 3GM30F-YEU*
  • 3GM30FC-YEU*
  • 2YM15 3YM20 3YM30

For pumps with 75mm (2 15/16") water pump cover

Known pumps: 128377-42500 128397-42500 128990-42500 128990-42510

Reference to 

Jabsco 18653-0001
Yanmar 128990-42200

 Buy this kit if:

  1. Your impeller dimensions (Dshaft X Dexternal X Height) are (12.00 X 51.00 X 22.00)mm
  2. Your pump cover measures exactly 75mm (2 15/16"). Otherwise not correct part for you.
  3. The impeller secures with pin and the cap seals with o-ring, not gasket.

*Please ensure this the correct kit for your particular engine model. This kit is for the European built (YEU -Yanmar European Union) 2/3GM series engines built from 1996-2004. These engines have the letter "E" prefixing the engine serial number (example serial no. E00123, the letters YEU are not shown on the data plate). The water pump impeller has a drive screw through the boss and the pump cover plate is sealed with an o-ring.