Impeller for Volvo Penta RO : 835512 3854286 18838-0001 132-0117 NA900010 09959K

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Impeller kit complete with gaskets as shown. Replaces the active and superseded Volvo Penta part numbers listed below 835512 3854286 (latest active) Compatible with the following Volvo Penta engines *Some of the mentioned models use more than one type, so please advice the schematics in pictures and the dimensions provided here* AQ200C AQ225A AQ225B AQ225C AQ255A 3.0GLMMDA 3.0SPMDA 3.0GSMHUB 3.0SPHUB 3.0GSMNCA4.3GLMMDA 4.3GLPMDA 4.3GSPMDA 4.3SPMDA 5.0FPLMDA 5.0FiPMDA 5.0FiPMDA 5.0FiPMDM 5.8FPLMDA 5.8FiPMDA 5.8FiPMDA 5.8FiPMDM 7.4GLPMDA 7.4GLPMDM 7.4GLIMDA 7.4GLIMDM Jabsco : 18838-0001 Onan : 132-0117 Perkings : NA900010 Crusader : 1003026 Volvo Penta : 3854286, Pumps: G30-2, G9901 (3852398), G9902 (3852399), G9903 (3855079) Compatible with the following pumps Sherwood : R991, B06, G65 Chrysler Marine : (M273X, LM318X) D60 D65 *2 units each*, F15 Onan : K75 K75B OMC : G9901 G9902 G9903 Perkings : G65 H5 PCM : G20 G21-01 G22-01 Westerbeke : F85-01 R10870G-01