Water pump repair kit for Yanmar 6LP inc: 119773-42600 for pump 119773-42500/01/02

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High-quality marine engine spare parts.

Water pump repair kit for Yanmar:

  • 6LP-DTE, -STE, -DTE, -DT, -ST, -WDT, -WST
  • 6LPA-DTE, -DTP, -STE, -STP, -STP2

Available both Major (With Impeller) and minor (Without Impeller)

Known pumps: 119773-42500 119773-42501 119773-42502 119773-42650 119773-42651 119773-42652

Repair kit consists of:

  1. Impeller kit RO: 119773-42600 (ONLY MAJOR)
  2. O-ring, pump cover RO: 119773-42570
  3. Bearings RO: X0508511
  4. Seals S.S. spring RO: X02233001
  5. O-ring, shaft RO: X0506501
  6. Bolts RO: 119574-42580
  7. Snapring, shaft S.S. RO: X0534107
  8. Snapring, bearing retainer RO: X0534507
  9. O-ring, pump to engine RO: 24321-00650
  10. Gasket RO: 119787-42570 OEM

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