Water pump repair kit for Yanmar 2GM 3GM inc: 104211-42070 for pump 128270-42000

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High-quality marine engine spare parts.   

Water pump repair kit for Yanmar:

  • 2GM , 3GM , 3GMD , 1980-83
  • 2GM20 , 3GM30, 83-05 raw water cooled (no antifreeze), made in Japan.
  • 2QM15 , 1977-80
  • SB8 SB12
  • YSB8 YSB12

For pumps with 58mm (2 1/4") water pump cover

Will not fit 1997 and later European made. (E prefix before serial number on the European models)

Will not fit fresh water cooled engines (engines with radiator/heat exchanger)

Available both Major (With Impeller) and minor (Without Impeller)

You can also purchase impeller kit separately which you may find in our store with part number:


Known pumps: 128270-42000 , 128270-42001 , 128270-42002 , 728270-42000 , 728270-42001 , 728270-42002

Repair kit consists of:

  • Impeller kit RO: 104211-42070 104211-42071  (ONLY MAJOR)
  • Gasket RO: 104211-42090
  • Bearings RO: 24107-062004
  • Seal S.S. spring RO: 104211-42100
  • Spacer S.S. RO: 104211-42130
  • Snapring, bearing retainer RO: 22252-000300
  • Bolts S.S. RO: 26554-040082

Buy this kit if:

  1. Your impeller dimensions (Dshaft X Dexternal X Height) are (9.54 X 39.60 X 18.94)mm
  2. Your pump cover measures exactly 58mm (2 1/4"). Otherwise not correct part for you.
  3. The impeller secures onto the shaft with a pin that passes through the impeller.
  4. Your engine is not equipped with heat exchanger (radiator)

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