Water Pump Repair kit for Yanmar 2GM 3GM inc: 24107-062004 for Pump 128270-42000

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Repair kit consists of: Gasket RO: 104211-42090 Bearings RO: 24107-062004 Seal S.S. spring RO: 104211-42100 Spacer S.S. RO: 104211-42130 Snapring, bearing retainer RO: 22252-000300 Bolts S.S. RO: 26554-040082 It will fit the following engines 2GM20 2GM20VE 2GM20B 2GM20C 3GM30 3GM30VE 3GM30B 3GM30C 3GMD Buy this kit if: *Your impeller matches dimensions listed here. *Your pump cover measures exactly 6cm (2 23/64"). Otherwise not correct part for you. *The impeller secures onto the shaft with a pin that passes through the impeller. Not for 2GM20F 2GM20FVE 3GM30F 3GM30FVE Known pumps: 128270-42000 Please consult the scheme provided. Water pipe connectors 1/4. If in doubt, please contact.