Trim Cylinder Ram Rebuild kit for Volvo Penta trim cylinder 3860881

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High quality marine engine spare parts.


Trim ram repair kit with dust seal, pressure seal bidirectional ring, o-rings and new cap. The cylinder assembly is used only for guidance and is not included.

Will only repair cylinder 3860881Please observe the last picture.

There are similar repair kits on the market that are faulty in design. Thread was not correct and as a result, the cap could be screwed by 3/4 of the thread. We used to sell these faulty kits, but thanks to your comments, we designed the cap from scratch as per the OEM and we guarantee 100% perfect fitment. Additionally, we improved the material of the bidirectional seal so that installation is easier and durability highly increased. 


Application List: 


  • DP-E SP-E DP-G
  • DPX-R DPX-R 1.47 DPX-R 1.51 DPX-R 1.59 DPX-R 1.68 DPX-R 1.78
  • DPX-S 1.59 DPX-S 1.68 DPX-S 1.78 DPX-S1 1.59 DPX-S1 1.68 DPX-S1 1.78 DPX-C
  • DP-C1 DP-D1 DP-S DP-C1 1.95 DP-C1 2.30 DP-D1 1.68 DP-D1 1.78 DP-D1 1.95
  • DP-D1 2.30
  • DP-A DP-A1 DP-A2 DP-C DP-C1 DP-C1 1.95 DP-C1 2.30 DP-D DP-D1 DP-D1 1.68
  • DP-D1 1.78 DP-D1 1.95 DP-D1 2.30 SP-A SP-A1 SP-A2 SP-C SP-C1

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